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Study on extraction method by potassium nitrate factory

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Now, as an important oxidant, potassium nitrate is widely used in various fields. With the rising price of potassium nitrate, many potassium nitrate manufacturers are also engaged in new process research. Extraction method as a reasonable and effective production method is being favored by the major potassium nitrate manufacturers.


In industry, potassium nitrate is generally produced by conversion, double decomposition, and ion exchange. The economic benefit of the conversion method is low; the double decomposition method makes the equipment corrosion serious, and the working process is not easy to control; the ion exchange method consumes a lot of energy. At present, the preferred method is to use potassium chloride and nitric acid to prepare potassium nitrate. The mother liquor is extracted by organic solvent, which is the research direction of potassium nitrate manufacturers.


After many experiments, potassium nitrate manufacturers have successfully found the organic solvent TBP fire oil system which can extract hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. After three times of test, TBP fire oil successfully extracted the nitric acid from the mother liquor. The mother liquor after the extraction of nitric acid mainly contains hydrochloric acid and potassium salt. Then it can be separated by distillation or extraction, and the potassium salt can be returned to the reactor from the beginning. As for the separated TBP fire oil with nitric acid, it can be extracted with water, and part of the dilute nitric acid is returned to the reactor for dissolving the crude potassium chloride. The whole process greatly reduces the production cost of potassium nitrate manufacturers.


In the process, the temperature of the solution should be controlled to a certain extent. Considering the solubility and content of each product, the whole test needs further study. This method has a good separation effect, and the raw materials can be reused. It is a new production process that can be selected by potassium nitrate manufacturers.


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