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Storage, transportation, and safety of food grade hydrogen peroxide

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Food grade hydrogen peroxide shall be packed in polyethylene barrels that meet the requirements of food hygiene, and the cover of the packaging containers shall be provided with small vent holes. As hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing and sterilizing agent, the packaging barrel shall have "oxidizer mark", "corrosive mark" specified in gb190, and "upward mark" specified in gb191. The packaging label shall conform to the provisions of gb7718-1994 and be marked with the words "food additive".


Storage and transportation of food grade hydrogen peroxide


1. It is strictly prohibited to mix with alkali, metal, metal compound and inflammable goods.


2. The container shall be capped and kept in exhaust state to keep the purity of hydrogen peroxide in the container and prevent pollution.


3. If the container breaks or leaks, wash it with plenty of water in time.


4. Under good storage and transportation conditions, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide will not drop by more than 3% within one year


5. The transportation of hydrogen peroxide shall be carried out according to the transportation regulations of oxidant. During transportation, the outer part of the container shall be covered with a cover to prevent sun and rain.


6. It shall not be mixed with toxic and harmful substances.


7. Do not touch the packaging barrel directly, and wear plastic gloves when handling.


8. If the food grade hydrogen peroxide leaks from the barrel, or the hand of the handling personnel touches the hydrogen peroxide, wash it with a large amount of water immediately.


9. Food grade hydrogen peroxide shall be stored in a cool, ventilated, and dry warehouse to avoid direct sunlight.


Safety and protection of food grade hydrogen peroxide

1. Toxicity. Generally speaking, food grade hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic, but it can stimulate human skin, eyes and mucous membrane. When hydrogen peroxide vapor enters the respiratory system of human body, it can stimulate the lungs and even seriously damage the organs. When the hydrogen peroxide splashes to the human body surface or eyes, it should be rinsed with plenty of water immediately.


2. Flammability.

Hydrogen peroxide of any concentration is nonflammable, but it is a strong oxidant, especially when the concentration is very high, it is easy to cause the combustion of other combustible substances. The higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is, the more likely it is to cause combustion of other substances. When the spilled hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with other combustible substances, wash it with plenty of water immediately to remove the hydrogen peroxide.

3. Explosive.

Under the catalysis of impurities, hydrogen peroxide will decompose and release oxygen and heat. The higher the ambient temperature and the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the faster the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Once the decomposition reaction is induced, the decomposition will accelerate automatically with the increase of exothermic and heating degree. As a result, the temperature of the material will be further increased, and more gases (oxygen and evaporated steam) will be produced. At this time, if the container is closed, a high-pressure environment will be generated inside the container, which will lead to the explosion of the container. Therefore, the container used to store hydrogen peroxide should be provided with a dust-proof vent to release the possible gas safely.



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