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Soda ash: supported by favorable factors, the market price rises

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This week, the domestic synthetic ammonia market was stable and small. At the beginning of the week, regional prices rose and fell, the ammonia volume in Shandong market tightened, the downstream transactions were positive, and the market rose slightly. Enterprises in Shanxi have overstocked inventories and are under great pressure to ship goods. They actively arrange inventories and ship goods, and reduce the number of enterprises. The rest of the region is mainly on the sidelines, and the price fluctuation is not obvious. Since the middle of the week, some regions have continued to wait and see. Affected by the downward pressure of high prices in Shanxi, Anhui and other places, the shipment of mainstream regions such as Shandong and Hebei has been poor, the impact of regional linkage has increased, and the market focus has declined. In the short term, the downstream urea has a good rise, but the ammonia market price difference is obvious. In the short term, the region will still be consolidated and operated. Enterprises will adjust their quotation according to their own shipment situation. At present, it is expected to be dominated by a narrow range of shocks.

2、 Upstream coal market analysis

This week, the power coal market operated strongly, and the coal output of the main producing areas was stable at a high level. Most coal mines actively cashed in the medium and long-term cooperative use of coal. The tight supply of coal in the market continued. The downstream chemical and other terminal procurement demand was good, and the enthusiasm for hauling was high. The queuing phenomenon of hauling vehicles in the mining area was obvious. Most coal mines produced and sold immediately, showing a state of supply in short supply. Supported by demand, the coal price of the producing areas continued to rise, but under policy pressure, The price adjustment of some coal mines is still cautious. Most of the coal mines with price increases are concentrated in Shaanxi, and the market trading atmosphere continues to be active. On the whole, the production and sales of the main producing areas are normal, and the procurement demand of downstream non electricity users is good. Under the guarantee of the long-term association, the inventory of the power plant is still high, and the enthusiasm of market procurement is general. In the future, we should still pay close attention to the policy regulation and the downstream daily consumption. It is expected that the thermal coal market will continue to operate well in the short term.

3、 Market outlook forecast

The soda ash market will fluctuate upward this week, and the market atmosphere is acceptable. Supported by the high cost side, the shipment of enterprises is relatively smooth, and the production and sales are basically flat. There are many planned maintenance enterprises in late September, and the production level is expected to fall slightly. On the demand side, the demand for float is relatively stable, and there is resistance to high prices. It is mainly on demand, and traders' intention to take goods is weakened. At present, the inventory of soda plants is low and supported by orders. The domestic soda ash inventory this week was 472500 tons, with a month on month decrease of 23500 tons. 6. It is expected that many lines in Yueguang volt will be put into operation, which may boost the demand for soda ash. It is expected that the short-term soda ash market is easy to rise but difficult to fall.



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