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Sales of oxalic acid products

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Oxalic acid market supply situation

The oxalic acid industry in our country industry, currently in the mature and stable development of enterprises in the industry after years of development and competition, has formed several domestic enterprises as the core of highly concentrated market pattern, with A shares, B coal, C dragon industry represented by each of the three leading enterprises of occupy larger market share, a total capacity of up to 70% of the domestic production capacity. Juan Cheng hui xiang 2018 with 50000 tons of oxidation device is built, and the 2019 fei cheng a si de built 50000 tons of synthesis device, domestic capacity grow larger, no obvious growth in domestic consumption, restricted by factors such as cost, environmental protection, zhan hua business 20000 tons of oxidation process and gan zhou in 20000 tons of oxidation process, such as small-scale factory production of oxalate, nearly three years of domestic oxalic acid starts at 60-65%.


1. Main downstream industries of oxalic acid products

Industrial oxalic acid refers to the oxalic acid up to the national standard (GB/T1626-2008). At present, industrial oxalic acid is the main product of the oxalic acid industry, mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, rare earth, textile printing and dyeing, metal processing, oxalate, oxalate and other industries.

(1) Pharmaceutical industry: oxalic acid in the domestic market in the most important downstream pharmaceutical industry, accounting for 30%, consumption concentrated in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shandong and other places. It is mainly used in the production of ferment drugs such as tetracycline hydrochloride, aureomycin hydrochloride, oxytetracycline oxytetracycline hydrochloride and vitamin B6, and plays the role of acidification, PH regulation and purification of calcium and magnesium plasma. Main downstream customers include Jiangxi Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Hebei Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Datong Antibiotics Co., LTD. In recent years the rapid growth of the global pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical industry in our country develops faster than the global average level, our country medicine market scale will continue to expand, the API demand still has great market space, and the rigid demand of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical market scale will continue to expand in China, the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for oxalate is expected to increase at an annual rate of 10% to 20%.

(2) Rare earth industry: The rare earth processing industry is another major market for oxalic acid sales in China, accounting for 25%. At present, China's rare earth mining and processing separation is mainly concentrated in Jiangxi Ganzhou, northern Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu and other places. Downstream customers include China Rare Earth Mining Co., LTD., South Rare Earth, North Rare Earth, Minmetals Rare Earth, Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals, Xiamen Tungsten Industry and other six rare earth mining. Rare earth products are widely used in electronic information, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, laser guidance, national defense and other industries. In 2019, the national total control targets for rare earth mining and smelting separation were 132,000 tons and 127,000 tons respectively, of which 19,150 tons were extracted using oxalic acid.

Ministry of 12 ministries and commissions such as post in January on the continued to strengthen the notice of the reorganization of the rare earth industry order, strengthen the dynamic supervision of key source and mine, clamp down on closed with cutting, unlicensed mining, mining seams, illegal mining rare earth mines such as outsourcing, confiscate the illegal income, clean up the ground facilities. Each rare earth group shall publish the list of rare earth mines under production and the list of all smelting and separation enterprises on time every year, subject to public supervision, and truthfully report the raw material purchase, actual output, sales volume, inventory and other information in the rare earth product traceability system. Due to the strict implementation of the Notice, according to field visits and investigations, at present, the southern ion-type rare earth mining areas are basically in the state of my rehabilitation. The raw materials of various domestic separation manufacturers are mainly imported from Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries, and China has also transformed from the largest, rare earth exporter to the world's largest rare earth importer. In addition, oxalic acid is not the only material in rare earth separation. Ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium sulphate can also be used in rare earth separation. Under the strict control of the rare earth industry by the state, rare earth separation enterprises change the process of some middle and low-end products and adopt more environmentally friendly and easily handled separation products. Therefore, in the domestic rare earth industry, oxalic acid demand is in a shrinking state.

(3) Oxalate, oxalate industry: Oxalate products mainly include dimethyl oxalate, diethyl oxalate and other products for pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates, mainly in Shandong, Jiangsu and other places, the market scope is small, but oxalate consumption is high. The main products of oxalate are ferrous oxalate, sodium oxalate, calcium oxalate and other products, mainly located in Jiangsu, Shandong, Tianjin and other places. Calcium oxalate, sodium oxalate and other products are mainly used for water treatment agents, catalysts and reagents. Ferrous oxalate is used to make lithium iron phosphate cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Under the impact of ternary lithium with higher energy density, the market of lithium iron phosphate shrinks sharply, and it only occupies a certain market share in the new energy bus market. Therefore, in oxalate, oxalate industry oxalate dosage has a partial shrinkage.

(4) Metal products industry: China is the world's largest terephthalic acid (PTA) consumer market, is also a large capacity. Expensive metal catalysts such as cobalt acetate and manganese acetate are needed in PTA production, but the current production process will cause a certain degree of metal catalyst consumption, which increases the production cost and pollutes the environment. At present, some of the new product lines of petrochemical enterprises use the improved oxalic acid precipitation recovery method of Dupont company in the United States, which can effectively recover 90% cobalt metal and 75% manganese metal in PTA mother liquid, greatly increasing the frequency of catalyst reuse and reducing the cost of catalyst use. Each ton of PTA requires 0.6 ~ 1 kg of refined oxalic acid for the recovery of catalyst. In view of the recent expansion of PTA industry, the demand for oxalic acid continues to increase. The industry has high requirements for trace elements such as iron, calcium, silicon and heavy metal ions in oxalic acid, and higher requirements for oxalic acid quality.

Other USES and emerging industries

As catalyst in phenolic resin industry, used as dyeing assistant, fiber bleaching agent and fabric rust remover in printing, dyeing and light textile industry. In the metallurgical industry, it is used to make film carbon rods and refine high purity nickel. In the mechanical processing industry, used in the manufacture of cemented carbide, such as tungsten alloy steel, alloy tool head, etc. It is used as tanning agent in leather industry. In addition, oxalic acid is widely used in metal and marble cleaning and so on. Printing and dyeing, cleaning, surface treatment and other industries are mostly concentrated in east China and South China. Under the background of industrial structure upgrading and industrial transfer proposed by the state, these industries are small in scale and have poor capital strength. Most of them restrict production or transfer to Southeast Asia, and the demand for oxalic acid shrinks greatly.

Oxalic acid has two major emerging applications :(1) emerging electronic chemical products, such as MLCC (chip multi-layer ceramic capacitor), electronic ceramic materials, etc. The above electronic chemical products will be widely used in uav, robot, automatic driving, and other intelligent equipment fields in the future. Panasonic of Japan, Fuji of Japan and other companies are expanding production capacity of new electronic chemical products and have plans to further expand production. This field has a high requirement for oxalic acid quality, and we will communicate with each other according to the quality of our products. (2) Non-rare earth mines (copper ore, iron ore, etc.) mining purification process, the oxalic acid in the new process is replacing the original high pollution materials, mining enterprises in South America, Peru, and other countries as the representative of the company's oxalic acid demand is gradually increasing.

2. The proportion of oxalic acid products industry

From the analysis of oxalic acid demand structure, the main downstream of oxalic acid is relatively concentrated, the pharmaceutical industry accounts for about 30%, the rare earth industry accounts for about 25%, the metal products industry accounts for about 20%, the oxalate industry accounts for about 10%, the rest textile printing and dyeing, resin, cleaning, and other industries account for relatively small.



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