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Pure benzene: when the correction ends

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Since the Spring Festival, the domestic pure benzene market fell down, during the holiday, crude oil rose, boosted the mentality of northern refineries, at the same time in the region downstream new large devices have qualified products, buyers actively buy, in the upstream energy trend is strong and strong demand support, Shandong refinery offers go up one after another. After the holiday return, east China wide high open, high trading heat. But the subsequent crude oil turn weak, styrene disk down, the market high profit plate more, the center of gravity down. Into this week, under the influence of geopolitical factors, crude oil ups and downs, pure benzene followed up after falling, the current Spring Festival gains have been basically reversed, the market high shipment blocked.

Due to the shutdown or load reduction of the local refinery during the holiday, the inventory level of the local refinery in Shandong is controllable at present, and some of them have no inventory. In terms of the port, the arrival of goods is not much. As of February 15, the inventory of pure benzene in Jiangsu is 188,000 tons, up 0.8% compared with February 8. From February 8 to February 15, 24,000 tons will arrive, and the digestion within the period is 22,600 tons.

In the afternoon, a downward revision of crude oil, to a certain extent pure benzene bearish market, downstream of receiving high resistance, and the downstream styrene released new capacity, market pressure, such pure benzene market is inevitable, the recent market north and south have retreated and downstream styrene as gradual recovery, receiving ability improving, gradually to pure benzene, It is expected that the domestic pure benzene market below finishing space is limited, the recent gradual bottom.

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