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Pure benzene falling back finishing polymerization MDI plant is very popular

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In this cycle, the domestic pure benzene market opened a downward channel. During the week, crude oil and styrene fell, with a bad market mentality. The price of domestic pure benzene fell, and the external price fell. The superimposed port inventory began to accumulate. The support of the domestic pure benzene Market weakened, and the market had a good bargain hunting purchase intention. The price of Shandong refining petroleum benzene followed the decline, but some downstream demand on the floor recovered, boosting market buying, and the market stopped falling and rebounded. This week, the price of hydrogenated benzene followed the weak trend of pure benzene market, and the price of downstream purchase was reduced. Under the intention of shipment of hydrogenated benzene factory, the price fell. In the next week, the international crude oil may continue to operate weakly, and the external price will fall this week; On the supply side, it is expected that the port inventory will continue to rise, the operating rate of petroleum benzene will decline in a narrow range, and the operating rate of hydrogenated benzene will remain about 70%; In terms of demand, the industry profit of styrene rebounded in this wave and gradually became positive, but the market sentiment was unstable, the intraday trading was general, the short-term high-level shock consolidation continued, the supply and demand side support power was insufficient, and the styrene market may continue to be weak; On the whole, the price of crude oil and the external market has limited support to the market. In the short term, the port continues to accumulate reserves. The construction of pure benzene and hydrogenated benzene is at a high level. In the future, the maintenance of downstream devices is limited. It is expected that the demand for pure benzene will increase. However, the downstream purchase is cautious, and it is difficult for the market to support the price. It is expected that the market price of pure benzene will continue to decline in the short term, but its price resistance is strong, or it is mainly in a stalemate operation.



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