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Pure Benzene: Brief Analysis of Import and Export in September 2022

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Pure Benzene: Brief Analysis of Import and Export in September 2022

In September 2022, my country's monthly import volume of pure benzene was 303,000 tons, the cumulative import volume was 2,270,900 tons, the monthly import value was 293,128,799 US dollars, and the monthly average import price was 967.3361 US dollars / ton. Up 24.28%, as of August 2022, my country's cumulative imports of pure benzene increased by 11.45% over the same period last year. In September 2022, the Asia-US arbitrage window continued to close. In Europe, the demand for pure benzene decreased due to the sluggish downstream demand. The export target of pure benzene continued to shift to China, and the import volume continued to increase in September.

From the perspective of trading partners, the main source country is South Korea. In September 2022, the import volume from South Korea reached 170,100 tons, accounting for 56.13% of the total import volume of the month. The average price of pure benzene imported from South Korea was around US$965.94/ton. Both the import volume and the total proportion increased from the previous month. The details of South Korea's exports in September are: From September 1 to 30, 2022, South Korea exported a total of 216,410 tons of pure benzene, of which 186,524 tons were exported to mainland China, 8,757 tons were exported to Taiwan, China, 18,129 tons were exported to the United States, and 3,000 tons were exported to Japan. Ton.

In September 2022, Zhejiang Province, where my country's import enterprises are located, accounted for the largest proportion, with about 100,800 tons, accounting for 33.27%; the second place was Shanghai, with about 50,500 tons, accounting for 16.66% of the total imports, and the third Guangdong Province, about 16.66%. 43,700 tons, accounting for 14.43%.

In terms of exports, in September 2022, my country has exported 80 tons of pure benzene. As of September, a total of 6,201.501 tons of pure benzene will be exported in 2022.

Looking at the future, the arbitrage window in Asia and the United States will continue to be closed. The downstream demand for pure benzene in Europe and other places is small, and pure benzene exports continue to be directed to the Chinese market. Therefore, it is expected that domestic pure benzene imports may remain high in October.



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