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Price trend of raw material pure benzene and profit analysis of polymerization MDI

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In March, the domestic pure benzene market as a whole showed a trend of first rising, then falling and then rising. At the beginning of the month, driven by the strong crude oil, the price of pure benzene continued to rise, the East China pure benzene market followed, the range of petroleum benzene in Shandong local refinery rebounded, the market buying gas rebounded, and the refinery sentiment turned to reluctant to sell. In the middle of the month, the crude oil on the floor fell rapidly, and the styrene futures became weak, which suppressed the market mentality. The trading atmosphere of East China pure benzene Market cooled, and the pure benzene market was under pressure. In the late June, crude oil rebounded, supporting the rise of pure benzene market, and East China pure benzene rose in a narrow range. However, the epidemic situation in Shandong was severe. Shandong local refining petroleum benzene continued to reduce prices to stimulate shipments, and there was no pressure on local refining inventory, but styrene was still in a state of loss. The support of pure benzene market was weak, limiting its rise. In the future, on the external news, the international oil price may continue to fluctuate; In terms of supply, some petroleum benzene and hydrobenzene units were overhauled in April, and the port inventory may have an upward trend, but the overall supply is expected to decrease; In terms of demand, styrene maintenance units were restarted in the early April, and the demand for pure benzene is expected to increase. On the whole, there is still a risk of fluctuation in crude oil prices. In April, some petroleum benzene and hydrobenzene units were overhauled, and the port inventory may have an upward trend. However, it is expected that the market supply will decrease, the styrene early overhaul units may be expected to start, and the demand is expected to increase. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic and limited transportation, the market will be supported in the short term. However, if the crude oil continues to decline, the pure benzene market is expected to operate weakly, but its decline may be limited.

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