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Precautions for use of potassium nitrate

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Precautions for potassium nitrate operation: close operation and strengthen ventilation. It is necessary for operators to pass special training and strictly abide by the operating procedures. It is suggested that the operators should wear the hood type electric air supply filter type dust-proof respirator, polyethylene anti-virus clothing and neoprene gloves. Keep away from fire and heat source. Smoking is forbidden in the workplace.


Keep away from inflammables and combustibles. Avoid dust. Avoid contact with reductants, acids, active metal powders. Handle with care to avoid package and container damage. Provide corresponding types and quantities of fire-fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may contain harmful substances.


Precautions for potassium nitrate storage: store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. The storage temperature shall not exceed 30 ℃ and the relative humidity shall not exceed 80%. It should be stored separately from reducing agent, acid, inflammable substance, and active metal powder, avoiding mixed storage. The storage area shall be equipped with appropriate data to contain leakage.


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