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Potassium hydroxide with Degreaser

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Have you heard that sodium hydroxide can be used to remove a lot of heavy oil substances when it is used, but actually we all know that sodium hydroxide itself is relatively alkaline when it is used, so when it is used, the injuries to hands and other injuries are also serious, and when it is used with potassium hydroxide oil remover, the same is true Also will have the better but uses the effect,.


1. During configuration, we need to prepare 850g of water to be injected into the oil removal tank for use, and then add the appropriate amount of potassium hydroxide, some sodium sulfate, sodium alginate and other substances into the tank in turn. After putting them into the tank, we can use the mixing device to mix them until they are even.


2. Then prepare a plastic bucket separately, pour it into the water and additives, and mix them evenly until the substances in the bucket melt completely. Then pour the national ones in the plastic bucket into the oil removal pool just now, which is stirred evenly, so that an oil removal agent can be used is made.


3. Most of the metals only need to be immersed in the degreaser for about 10 minutes when they are degreasing. If there is a heavy oil stain gently wiped, it can achieve a better degreasing effect, because in fact, some mechanical parts used in many industries will have heavy oil scale under the action of lubricating oil for a long time This kind of cleaning is also needed to ensure the good performance.


When using potassium hydroxide with degreaser, the effect is usually very good, and because its alkalinity is not as strong as sodium hydroxide, the damage to hands and other parts is relatively small.

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