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PTA daily review: the market after the high level of oscillation

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PTA daily review: the market after the high level of oscillation

product nameprice typepriceups and downsunit

External diskCFR China (January 27)7977USD/ton
PTAfactoryHengli listed in January5550-300Yuan / ton

Sinochem listed in January (acceptance)5600-200Yuan / ton

Yisheng listed in January (cash)57000Yuan / ton

Zhuhai BP listed in January5800-200Yuan / ton

Fuhai Chuang listed in January (cash)5600-100Yuan / ton

Factory offer in USD8200Yuan / ton

marketPick up from stock5765-5825#DIV/0!Yuan / ton

Futures close----Yuan / ton

Brief introduction and outlook forecastThe PTA futures market is closed today, and there is no actual offer reference for the time being. The market is in a state of rest, and the trading is light.

From the perspective of cost, core PCE in the United States slowed down while consumer spending declined, economic recession worries suppressed risk appetite, the European Union may postpone the decision on the price ceiling of refined products to Russia, international oil prices fell slightly compared with before the holiday, and the support for the chemical market was partial. weak. The raw material PX spot trading is in short supply, and the price of PX in Asia continues to rise, which is still good for PTA. From the perspective of PTA's own supply and demand, Honggang Petrochemical 2# 2.4 million tons plant and Yisheng 3.6 million tons plant restarted recently, Yisheng Ningbo 2# 2 million tons plant restarted during the Spring Festival holiday, Xinjiang Zhongtai Petrochemical 1.2 million tons plant The overhaul begins, and the overall PTA supply increases. The downstream polyester part has not yet returned to the market, and it will take time to recover terminal demand. The overall PTA supply and demand are average. It is expected that the short-term PTA market may fluctuate at a high level. It is necessary to pay attention to the trend of international oil prices, the maintenance of PTA equipment and the improvement of downstream demand.




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