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PTA:Brief Analysis of Import and Export in June

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In June 2022, my country's PTA spot market as a whole rose first and then fell. In the early stage, it was mainly affected by the strong demand for crude oil in Europe and the United States. The raw material PX was tight and the prices in Europe and America continued to rise. The opening of the PX Asia-US arbitrage window led to a wide range of PTA prices. Then, the Biden administration planned to cut fuel costs. More market intervention, the tightening policies of central banks of various countries may exacerbate the risk of economic recession, the sharp drop in crude oil at the cost side drags down the PTA market, and the terminal textile demand continues to be weak, the large factories jointly reduce the negative, and the decline in PTA demand is also bad for the PTA market. The overall volatility in June was relatively large, the import and export volume of PTA increased slightly compared with that in May, and the overall market trading atmosphere was strong.

1. Analysis of PTA imports in June

1.1 In June 2022, my country's PTA import volume was 4,200 tons. The import volume increased by 52.38% year-on-year in June last year and increased by 180% compared with May this year. The average import price of PTA in June rose sharply, but compared with the domestic spot in June, it was still at a low level. .

1.2. In June 2022, my country's main import sources of PTA are mainly Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia, and the total proportion of PTA imported from these three countries is 99%.

1.3. In June 2022, the main import areas of my country's PTA are Shanghai, Guangdong Province and Fujian Province. Shanghai's import volume in June accounted for 98%, still occupying the first place in the PTA import area.

2. Analysis of PTA exports in June

2.1. In June 2022, my country's PTA export volume was 392,700 tons, an increase of 78.50% compared with the same period last year, and a 26.15% increase compared to May this year. The upward trend of export prices is consistent with the domestic spot market price increase.

2.2. In June 2022, the main exporting countries and regions of my country's PTA are Turkey, India and Oman. The exports of these four countries account for more than 10%, accounting for 79% of my country's total PTA exports.

2.3. In June 2022, the main provinces for my country's PTA exports were Liaoning, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shanghai. The total export volume of the four provinces accounted for 83%.



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