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NBA(N-butyl alcohol), CAS NO.:71-36-3, Industry knowledge

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NBA(N-butyl alcohol), CAS NO.:71-36-3, Industry knowledge
Aug 07, 2023

Product name: N-butyl alcohol; Butyl alcohol ; n-butanol

Packaging: 170kg/drum, 20fcl=13.6mt; 40fcl=24.48mt (144drums); one ISO tank=19.5mt

Technical Index:



Yesterday, the domestic n-butanol market price was weak and stable, the market wait-and-see atmosphere increased, the n-butanol factory resumed work, the market spot supply increased, but considering the smooth shipment of the factory in the early stage, low inventory, sales pressure is not big. Downstream start a small increase, the increase just need to purchase mainly, but slightly conflict with its high price, just need to purchase mainly, is expected to stabilize the domestic n-butanol market today.


It is a raw material for a wide range of paints and a plasticizer dibutyl phthalate (see phthalate), also used in the manufacture of butyl acrylate, butyl acetate, ethylene glycol butyl ether and organic Synthetic intermediates and bio-chemical extractants, but also for the manufacture of surfactants.




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