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Methylene Chloride market

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In January 2022, the domestic Methylene Chloride market fluctuated frequently, with the overall decline compared with the same period last month. Early, early repair device have been restored, resources supply is relatively ample, but were continued weak demand side, the downstream enterprises need to follow up, just to maintain some production enterprise inventory accumulation to high, the price cuts in order to promote the shipment, then affected by the epidemic, part of the downstream to cover positions began to stock up in advance, shipping enterprises in shandong region and offer a narrow, In south China and east China and demand side has no obvious improvement, imbalance between supply and demand, market center of gravity down, ningbo JuHua device after negative run, guangxi jin hundred million device part of the overhaul, starts is not high, the superposition early after the price, delivery area enterprise inventory pressure is not big, supply good support under the market rebound, floor trading on demand, and shandong companies have different shipments, Center of gravity in the field narrow fluctuation.

In the latter half of the year, the overall start of the market was relatively high, but the downstream of the high price and the enthusiasm of traders to receive goods were not high. In addition, with the approaching of the Spring Festival, the trading slowed down and the market fell broadly. Shandong main enterprise price decline, at the end of stack affected by rain and snow weather and outbreaks, part of the downstream and traders stock warehouse, production enterprise shipments better, offer stand up to give priority to, and east China region affected by first logistics limited, etc, poor trading, clinch a deal the atmosphere is weak, centre of gravity is weaker, more wait-and-see, shandong province, in southern China, Although the end of the shandong market narrow range up, overall, the market is mainly regional adjustment.

In the later stage, in terms of upstream liquid chlorine, the supply side in North China will start to stock with some uncertainty as the Winter Olympic Games approaches. However, considering the current relatively low market, it is expected that the low level will be sorted out during the festival and the liquid chlorine stock will be expected to rise after the festival. Transportation in east China is the main concern at present. During the local festival, there is a certain downward expectation, and after the festival, it may rise synchronously. And in the middle of February, an enterprise in Dongying planned to stop the car for maintenance, and its supporting downstream future market or external extraction of liquid chlorine, is expected to be the overall upward trend in February. At present, the inventory status of methane chloride production enterprises is different. With the Spring Festival approaching, the overall operating rate of methane chloride industry may maintain a high level, while the industry has withdrawn from the market one after another. Inventory accumulates during the festival.



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