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Methylene Chloride festival after the overall market trend

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The Methylene Chloride market has had a poor start to the year. Before the New Year's Day holiday, the maintenance equipment has been resumed, the overall market load has increased, the supply of resources is relatively comfortable, but the demand side performance continues to be weak, downstream enterprises need to follow up. During the New Year's Day holiday, some production enterprises shipment is not good, inventory accumulation to high, price reduction, in order to promote shipment; After the holiday, downstream demand did not significantly improve, market supply exceeded demand, negotiation focus continued to weaken, and eastern China was affected by the epidemic in Zhejiang, trading slowed down, the overall market performance was weak.

Last week, the market recovered slightly, mainly because under the impact of the epidemic, some downstream companies began to stock up in advance to fill positions, and some enterprises in some regions have low inventories, and their offers are stable and rising. In addition, ningbo Giant chemical device negative operation, Guangxi Jinyi device partial overhaul, load is not high, the site resources reduced support, market discussion focus has also gone up.

However, with the price rising to a high level, the enthusiasm of downstream users to receive goods has not improved, the market demand gradually weakened, and the accumulated high inventory of some enterprises. This week, some enterprises gradually increased the load of equipment, and the current production enterprises are relatively rich in profits, enterprises mostly carry out profit selling, mainly shipping.

In the later stage, near the end of the year, the market demand has not significantly improved, the price of Methylene Chloride is high, the downstream receiving strength is not as good as in previous years, the enterprise may face a certain inventory pressure, and the current profit level of the enterprise is high, the profit sales space is large, it is expected that the short-term market as a whole may be weak consolidation, it is suggested to operate cautiously. Timely attention to domestic methane chloride enterprises inventory, equipment and downstream delivery situation.

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