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Liquid soda: Chlor-alkali Market Summary and Outlook 2022

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Chlor-alkali: Chlor-alkali Market Summary and Outlook 2022

2022 domestic liquid alkali market as a whole maintained at a high level of finishing, since 21 years within the region to limit electricity began, the liquid alkali market repeatedly record highs, ushered in a new historical high after this year, although it is difficult to reach last year's peak, but the overall liquid alkali performance can be remarkable. According to the statistics of China, in 2022, the average price of 32% ionic membrane alkali in Shandong is 1092 yuan/ton, compared with the average price of 686 yuan/ton in the same period of 2021, an increase of 59%; in 2022, the average price of 32% ionic membrane alkali in East China is 1311 yuan/ton, compared with the average price of 925 yuan/ton in the same period of 2021, an increase of 42%.

Return from the Spring Festival holiday, caustic soda and the main consumption of alkali downstream are ushered in a rising trend, supply, demand and foreign trade under the support, the domestic caustic soda market again ushered in a high moment. However, the market rose to a high level, the downstream procurement resistance is obvious, the supply side to go under pressure, the market gradually open down mouth, coupled with the main consumption of alkali downstream raw material library position is high, the purchase of sustained price pressure and other negative impact, the market under pressure downward. Since the second quarter due to the impact of public health events around the joint product liquid chlorine transport weakness, some regional chlor-alkali device start-up decline, field sources tighten, coupled with the downstream alumina start-up to enhance the downstream raw material library is tight, the demand side of the buying atmosphere is high, caustic soda market mainstream upward adjustment is dominant, the second quarter is still at a high level. In the third quarter, the caustic soda market entered a weak downward trend. First of all, the supply side of the device more open high, and coincides with the downstream products off-season, printing and dyeing, making potential and part of the basic chemical industry has some negative maintenance, the high price of the market acceptance capacity is limited, the terminal demand support weak, coupled with foreign trade orders turn light export prices decline, supply and demand contradictions under the stalemate, the industry bearish sentiment is strong, the market tends to weaken downward. But the end of the third quarter, East China within the control of energy consumption increased, following last year's introduction of electricity restrictions, orderly electricity policy, this year, under the influence of continuous high temperature weather in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, in order to ensure that people's livelihood electricity, East China region again issued a red-headed document, the region's chlor-alkali devices in response to the relevant policies, the implementation of reduced production, the supply side of the reduction in production, driven by the goods under pressure, coupled with exports ushered in a turnaround, the East China market took the lead in stopping the decline and rebound. Following the strong upturn in the golden nine, the silver ten opening again ushered in the applause of a, in the early regions within the power restriction policy is the supply side of the library digestion transfer, superimposed on the export market to the good, East China and Shandong following the tight supply, export signings again to enhance, and Yantai and Dongying are large enterprises plan to overhaul, short-term supply is still tight, the market continues to climb up, but the end of the fourth quarter because of the main downstream alumina procurement However, at the end of the fourth quarter, due to the main downstream alumina procurement price decline, the caustic soda market is not enough to boost the supply side of the market is also difficult to find good guidance, so the end of the fourth quarter caustic soda market to weak downward finishing trend.

2022 domestic liquid chlorine market overall trend for oscillation downward, following last year's liquid chlorine prices ushered in a historical peak, this year's liquid chlorine market again returned to subsidize the factory, dragged down by the poor profitability of downstream products, chlorine to make up for the alkali and other situations are gone. According to statistics, the average price of liquid chlorine in Shandong in 2022 is 520.41 yuan/tonne, compared with the average price of 1416.61 yuan/tonne in the same period in 2020, a year-on-year drop of 63.26%.

In 2022, the liquid chlorine market shocked downward, the market was mainly influenced by the trend in Shandong, another Shandong regional downstream propylene oxide is sensitive to raw material prices, and the market fluctuates frequently. In the first quarter, because of the Spring Festival holiday before and after the supply and demand situation under the influence of the first quarter liquid chlorine market as a whole showed alternating up and down fluctuations in the finishing situation is dominant, in February there was a short period of subsidized ex-factory situation; in the second quarter, especially in April many domestic public health events repeatedly affected, demand turned weak, another supply side of northern Jiangsu Fuqiang driving, the market supply-side pressure increased, prices maintain weak fluctuations, but did not fall to negative values; because Downstream enterprises are generally underemployed in the case of a stalemate during June and subsidies to subsidize the factory situation, the second quarter market decline. The third quarter, market demand is still weak, the main production areas enterprises generally wide subsidies shipped to late August, with the arrival of the golden ninth and silver tenth, demand has turned better, the market to get rid of the subsidy situation. To the fourth quarter due to the epidemic situation and other external factors, the regions within the capacity decline closely part of North China under the slowdown in downstream demand, the supply side of the goods tend to slow down, the market continues to subsidize the factory situation.

2023 domestic still have new production capacity is expected to put on the market, the supply side of the pressure is still heavy, exports or temporarily maintain a positive atmosphere, and demand side to see the main downstream alumina industry also has new production enterprises, supply and demand sides increase under the overall caustic soda market is expected to show a tight balance of the situation is dominant; liquid chlorine, pvc high throughout the year, enterprises are mostly equipped with pvc devices, coupled with methane Chloride and other profit margins, but cyclopropyl because of new production and other effects, the market downturn, liquid chlorine if you want to break through this year's peak is more difficult.



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