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Information about Butyl Acetate

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Butyl acetate is a tintless, transparent liquid with a pleasantly gooey odor. It's an excellent organic detergent for ethylcellulose, cellulose acetate butyrate, polystyrene, methacrylic resin, chlorinated rubber, and colorful natural epoxies that have good solubility. So what's the applicable information about butyl acetate? Let's take a look next.

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l Preparation

l Health hazard

l Explosion hazard

l Operating principles

l Storehouse principle


On the 250mL three-necked beaker, a water division was installed in the middle mouth, and an influx condenser was installed on the upper mouth of the water division. Install a 200 °C thermometer on one side of the three-necked bottle. In the three-necked beaker, add 29 mL of glacial acetic acid and51.3 mL of n-butanol. Catalyst (concentrated sulfuric acid)5.5 mL and a little zeolite. After the instrument was installed, cooling water was introduced, and the response was hotted and refluxed. In the process of influx response, water driblets are continuously generated in the water division, and the generated water should be separated continuously so as not to flow back to the reactor and affect the progress of the response. When no water driblets appear in the water division, the temperature of the response result is constant and no longer rises, and the heating is stopped. The whole response process is about 1h. After a little cooling put the water in the water division, remove the water division, change it to a distillation device, and collect the bit at 125-127 °C, which is the product.

Health hazard

Butyl acetate has a strong stimulating effect on the eyes and upper respiratory tract and has an anesthesia effect. Inhalation of high attention of this product will beget gashes, sore throat, cough, casket miserliness, briefness of breath, and other symptoms. In severe cases, cardiovascular and nervous system conditions may do, which can beget conjunctivitis, keratitis, and vacuoles in the corneal epithelium.

Explosion hazard

Butyl acetate is ignitable and its vapors can form explosive fusions with air. In the case of open honey and high temperature, it can beget combustion and explosion. It can reply with oxidants. Its vapor viscosity is lesser than that of air, and it can spread to a considerable distance at a lower place, and it'll beget combustion in case of open honey.

Operating principles

Unrestricted operation with full ventilation. Drivers must suffer special training and rigorously abide by operating procedures. It's recommended that drivers wear tone-priming sludge respirators (half masks), chemical safety goggles, anti-static work clothes, and rubber canvas-resistant gloves. Keep down from fire and heat sources, and smoking is rigorously banned in the plant. Use explosion evidence ventilation systems and outfits. Help vapors from oohing into the plant air. Avoid contact with oxidants, acids, and bases. When filling, the inflow rate should be controlled, and there should be a grounding device to help the accumulation of stationary electricity. Handle butyl acetate smoothly to help damage to packaging and holders. Equipped with the corresponding variety and volume of fire fighting outfits and leakage exigency treatment outfits. Empty holders may be dangerous remainders.

Storehouse principle

Store butyl acetate in a cool, breezy storehouse. Keep down from fire and heat sources. The storehouse temperature shouldn't exceed 30 ℃. Keep the vessel tightly closed. It should be stored independently from oxidants, acids, and alkalis, and shouldn't be mixed. Use explosion-evidence lighting and ventilation installations. Enjoin the use of mechanical outfits and tools that are prone to sparks. Storage areas should be equipped with exigency release outfits and suitable constraint accouterments.

Below is the applicable information about butyl acetate. Please communicate with us, if you're interested in butyl acetate. Our website iswww.hiseachem.com.

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