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In which industries formic acid has obvious achievements

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Formic acid is a common commodity in the chemical industry. So, in which industries does formic acid have obvious results?


1. Comprehensive Utilization of Washing Release Gas from Copper Ammonia Synthesis to Formic Acid


Sodium formate was synthesized from copper washing exhaust gas of ammonia synthesis by using hot potassium alkali to remove carbon dioxide from copper washing regeneration exhaust gas and caustic soda. Formic acid products and by-product sodium sulfate were obtained through drying, acidification, distillation, purification, and condensation.


2. Purification of Yellow Phosphorus Tail Gas to Formic Acid

Recovery and purification of yellow phosphorus tail gas, carbonylation synthesis or conversion to syngas, and then production of high quality and low-cost formic acid products, is a major technological innovation in yellow phosphorus industrial waste gas treatment and formic acid production.


3. Improvement of Carbonylation of Methanol to Formic Acid

Methyl formate was synthesized from carbon monoxide and methanol at a certain temperature and pressure. Methanol and formic acid were prepared by hydrolysis of methyl formate.



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