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How to drain water from formic acid?

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Formic acid can remove water by adding anhydrous copper sulfate and anhydrous magnesium sulfate. These are chemical methods. In addition, there are specific instructions.


(1) Dropping concentrated sulfuric acid liquid into formic acid should be added through a separating funnel. Therefore, a device should be selected. Sodium hydroxide solution and calcium hydroxide solution can absorb a small amount of formic acid gas mixed in CO, but the absorption capacity of sodium hydroxide solution is stronger than that of calcium hydroxide solution. Therefore, the device should be selected.


(2) Carbon monoxide gas is discharged from B, formic acid gas is removed from D into NaOH solution, and formic acid gas is discharged from C. Carbon monoxide is discharged from G under heating conditions. Carbon monoxide reduces copper oxide, and gas is discharged from H, and then from F into CaOH solution. Carbon dioxide is detected. The order of interface connection is B D C G H F.


(3) Under heating conditions, copper oxide is reduced to copper. Therefore, from the beginning of heating to the end of the experiment, the color of copper oxide powder changes from black to red, and the reaction equation is CuO+CO.




(4) It is known from the title that in the reaction of producing CO, concentrated sulfuric acid dehydrates formic acid to form carbon monoxide, which plays a dehydrating role.


So the answer is:


(1) 2, 3;


(2) B D C G H F;


(3) Black turns red, CuO + CO Cu + CO2;


(4) Dehydration.


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