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Ethylene oxide: Feedstock end supply tightening costs are supported

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Before the ethylene oxide festival, the price trend continues to be weak and stable. The fundamental factors of supply and demand continue to dominate the market, and the production and sales can be stable for the time being. The supply of goods in East China is particularly tight, the market is hard to find, the cost side is strong, and the short-term market is mainly stable.

Several cuts in plant utilisation rates, tighter domestic ethylene supply and higher market prices have supported the import market.

The contradiction between supply and demand of raw material ethylene is still the leading factor affecting the price fluctuation of ethylene oxide market. The price of raw material naphtha is maintained at a high level, and the profit margin is seriously shrinking. Ethylene production cannot be maintained. In addition, the overall sentiment remains low due to continued weak demand for major downstream derivatives.

The operating rate of ethylene oxide units is not high as a whole, and many sets of units in the main production areas are stopped, and the market supply presents a situation of shortage of goods. Downstream poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent monomer loose market sentiment, manufacturer's strong appetite, the lunar New Year holiday logistics service lead to delivery, most plant rotary header or parking, subject to the terminal ill the receivable, ready for the downstream intention is not high drag clinch a deal, no bottom of scale and volume would not be enough to prompt the factory price increases quickly, is expected to appear obvious first will not change.

After the ethylene oxide market inertia upward, the device has resumed production, production gradually released, especially in ethylene before a wave of strong price impact, the industry on ethylene oxide market rising expectations are strong. Downstream polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer follows the good market development of ethylene oxide at the raw material end. In addition, before the festival, some factories were closed due to the explosion of orders, and the inventory pressure was general. It is expected that the demand for ethylene oxide will only increase.

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