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Ethanol: positive market price, market prices slowly "lift"

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Ethanol: positive market price, market prices slowly "lift"

The domestic ethanol market is narrowly higher. Major producers raised factory quotes, intended to pull the market. Short-term domestic ethanol market is still oversupplied, the buying market to maintain just demand.

Affected by pre-holiday stocking, the short-term demand side is favorable, the overall market mentality has improved, local market prices have increased. The northeast region to maintain orders for shipment, the general atmosphere of the market transactions, some large plants gradually restored to open, short-term price stability; Henan region during the week prices are continuously higher, bullish corn futures, the overall market mentality improved, the general downstream demand; Shandong region to stabilize, the field demand is difficult to see the boost, the short-term temporary no good support; East China narrowly higher, the impact of pre-holiday stockpiling, short-term demand is slightly favorable, but the boost space is limited. However, the boosting space is limited, the factory still profit loss-oriented; South China ethanol fluctuates little compared to last week, the low end is stable, the overall supply of goods in the field is not much.

Downstream ethyl acetate market shaking operation. During the week, the main plant in Shandong auction transactions are still good, there is a certain positive boost to the market, but the overall downstream demand is still light, procurement to maintain just demand, the market trading atmosphere is not significantly better for the time being, only some manufacturers shipments are better, after the offer up market negotiation center of gravity slightly followed up, but the overall transaction atmosphere is still slightly light, and the general trend of raw materials acetic acid, ethanol stable in the upward trend, the cost side of the good support in general, the field mentality The market mood is not good.



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