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Emergency Treatment About Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidation. So, you must be more careful when using. You must take off contaminated clothing if the hydrogen peroxide has contacted with your skin. At the same time, you should flush your skin with large number of flowing waters. Certainly, the hydrogen peroxide cannot enter to your eyes. If it has entered to your eyes, please filed eyelid, and flushing with large number of flowing water or physiological saline thoroughly for about 15 minutes. And go to hospital. Sometimes you may inhale hydrogen peroxide not carefully, at this time you should from the scene to fresh air immediately and keep your respiratory tract unobstructed.

If the hydrogen peroxide leakage, you must evacuate to safe areas as soon as possible and isolation. Certainly, it is restricted access currently. We suggest that the emergency personnel wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing. Cut off the source of leakage as far as possible to prevent it into the sewers, flood discharge trench and other limited spaces. If it has leaked a little, just use absorption of sand, vermiculite, or other inert material. You can also flush with larger number of water and put into wastewater system after dilution. But if it has leaked very much, you must construct dike or digging to housing.




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