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Domestic caustic soda liquid manifestations

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North China: an enterprise in Tianjin had a sudden safety accident on the afternoon of the 11th, the local supply of caustic soda liquid decreased, and the offer of local enterprises in Tianjin was actively adjusted and increased. Hebei and other regions due to the downstream stock positive, local regional enterprises limited sales drive the attitude of the industry to turn good, coupled with cangzhou area caustic soda liquid at a relatively low, no pressure to take goods to drive the enterprise offer upward. Shandong weifang area main enterprise half load operation, and late dongying and wudi enterprise unit drop turn negative, low alkali up flexible, highly alkaline due to weifang companies such as open to booking a single is more, in addition to dongying enterprise after a boat, outbound goods more, 50 alkali tight inventory to support the local market higher, such as southwest area because of the east and middle part of low-cost supply of goods, Enterprises take goods in general, narrow profit driven shipment.

East China: The enterprises in Jiangsu province start work relatively high, the overall market supply is sufficient, the local main enterprises this month also has a large single loss of ten thousand tons, and affected by the surrounding low-priced goods, the province's high-price transaction turns slow, flexible rollback shipments. Zhejiang price is in a certain high, because of the impact of peripheral jiangsu low-price supply, and recently there are also major enterprises in the province plan to end mid-overhaul, market commodity volume recovery is expected, the rational callback. Anhui area by Jiangsu and Southern Shandong and other low-price market influence, the local downstream receiving sentiment is general, the main enterprise narrow range down 50 yuan/ton.

Central China: Henan is stable and improving this week. Due to the low level of caustic soda liquid in henan, there is not much cargo pressure of enterprises. Near the weekend, the narrow range of caustic soda liquid increases by 100 yuan/ton. The two lakes region also remained stable during the week.

Northwest region: enterprises have a strong attitude to increase this week. On the one hand, due to the high enthusiasm of downstream receiving goods, no pressure on enterprise inventory, and the high level of caustic soda also forms a certain boost for caustic soda liquid. On the other hand, a sudden safety accident occurred in an enterprise in Inner Mongolia on 7th, the local supply decreased by 500-600 tons per day, and the supply side is also in a certain positive situation.

At present, north China is affected by the Tianjin safety accident, coupled with local enterprises reluctant to sell, the attitude of the industry is better, part of the downstream stock initiative is strong, in the short term, there is still a narrow range of local north China may rise. In East China, the export orders of the main enterprises are reduced, and the main enterprises in Zhejiang are expected to save and drive recently. Under the recovery of supply, the local caustic soda liquid may still have a certain rational callback. On the whole, the caustic soda liquid is expected to fluctuate within a narrow range recently, and the local area is mainly flexible to adjust its shipment situation. With the approaching of the New Year and the Winter Olympics, the downstream stock is relatively cautious, and it is necessary to pay attention to the chlor-alkali and downstream start-up load under various policies for a short time.

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