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Copper Sulfate

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Copper sulfate is a sky-blue crystal, its water solution is weak acidity. It is also called blue vitriol, gall stone, bold, blue vitriol alum, which is an important raw material for preparation of other copper compounds. It can be available the Bordeaux mixture for sterilization. Copper sulfate solution has strong bactericidal effect, which is used for preventing the diseases of fruit, barley, potato, rice and so on. But it plays poor role of rust and powdery mildew. The copper sulfate should be used before the diseases. It is also used for algae removal.

When you are using the cooper sulfate for the prevention and treatment of fish diseases, you should be careful. The ability of killing the pathogens is changed by the condition of water, and the safe concentration of copper sulfate is in small range. As we all know, the overdose copper sulfate will cause renal tissue necrosis of the fish, the hematopoietic tissue is destruction and liver fat are increased. While it can be stay in the gill, muscle, and liver of the fish, and hinder the intestinal absorption. So, we cannot always use the copper sulfate. The water temperature of dissolved copper should not be more than 60℃. Otherwise, the liquid is easy to lapse. The cooper sulfate is mixed with ferrous sulfate by the proportion of 5:2. Ferrous sulfate is aimed to eliminate fixation for killing the parasite. But the copper sulfate has no effective to ichthyophthiriosis.




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