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Caustic soda flakes: Recent market stalemate stabilizes

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For caustic soda flakes, at present, manufacturers including Binhua and Junzheng are stable on the market, and most of them have not changed. At present, the main market price in Inner Mongolia is 2350-2400 yuan / ton. The main market price in Shandong is 2650-2700 yuan / ton and some Shandong manufacturers ship to Guangdong at about 2600 yuan / ton (not excluding freight) the price is 2050-2100 yuan / ton.

Good news:

1.    Junzheng signed a order of more than 10,000 tons of alumina this week. The order supports the manufacturers' mentality to a certain extent.

2.    In the previous period, Mengyihua had overhauls, and there was not much inventory. The replacement of Zhonggu Mining Equipment has not yet started, and most manufacturers have started stable operations.

3.    The weather is bad, and Northwest, such as Junzheng and Jin Yuyuan, are slow to start. Some orders have not been placed, which has restrained manufacturers from over-adjusting prices to a certain extent. At the same time, caustic soda liquid is not easy to store, and caustic soda flake is easier to transport.

Bad news:

1.    Xinjiang has not started enough projects, and it is not easy to store too much inventory in the sample room. The price is low and there is little change.

2.    The price of caustic soda liquid continued to fall, and cost support was insufficient.

3.    The price of alumina continues to fall, and the impact of production restrictions is still in effect. The price of non-medium aluminum oxide dropped below 2,400 yuan / ton, and the follow-up of demand was insufficient.

At present, there are no obvious signs of hoarding in the terminal. Some market participants say that they are waiting for a bottom-up. At present, manufacturers have stabilized their attitudes. According to past rebound experience, traders and terminals have hoarded goods and prices bottomed out. However, the current price has not yet reached to low price range this year. It is recommended to purchase with caution.

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