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Can potassium nitrate lead the potash market forward?

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Potassium nitrate is not only an important industrial raw material, but also an important non chloride nitrogen potassium compound fertilizer. About 75% of the world's potassium nitrate is used in agricultural fertilizer, 10% in TV glass shell and special glass, and the rest in other industries. Potassium nitrate used in agriculture is a kind of high-quality fertilizer, which has no residue after application. It is a high-quality fertilizer for non-chlorine crops such as tobacco, coffee, tomato, grape, citrus, tea, etc. Potassium nitrate not only has high potassium content, but also is a compound fertilizer of nitrogen and potassium. It has good water solubility, low acid solution, and is easy to be absorbed by plants. It is suitable for any crops and any season and has wide-spectrum applicability. In 2014, the demand of potassium nitrate industry in China reached 578300 tons.


In recent years, the demand for potassium nitrate has maintained a steady growth. Expert analysis, potassium nitrate because of its advantages, fertilizer efficiency is significant, recognized by a wide range of users, the annual demand is relatively stable, market demand will not decline in a short period of time.



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