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Butanone: good gradually digest the market and enter the downward channel

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Introduction: in April, the early benefits of the domestic butanone market were gradually digested. After more than half a month of consolidation, the market began to turn to the downward channel. Due to the high profit level of butanone, the price decline led to the aggravation of panic, the active shipment intention of cargo holders, and the price of butanone fell rapidly before May Day.

In the middle and early April, the price of the external market in Europe continued to rise sharply. The export bid of butanone was supported by the high price, superimposed with the shutdown and maintenance of Hunan Ruiyuan, Dongming Lishu and Fushun Petrochemical. The factory's attitude of supporting the price continued, and the domestic offer also rose tentatively. However, the epidemic caused the pressure of road transportation, resulting in the rise of freight, the meager profits of traders, the low trading intention, the slow trading performance of the market, the continuous upward obstruction of butanone price, and the multi-dimensional consolidation of the market. In the latter half of the year, although the Ningbo blonde plant stopped, Dongming Lishu and Fushun Petrochemical resumed work one after another, and the domestic epidemic situation was repeated, affected by the lack of transportation capacity, the delivery of foreign trade orders was delayed, the downstream demand of the terminal continued to be depressed, the shipping pressure of butanone merchants and traders increased, more profit negotiation promoted the transaction, and the focus of market trading fell.

The week before May Day, the market news was empty, the operators were pessimistic, the market counter-offer intention was obvious, and the decline of butanone market accelerated. In terms of supply, some early shutdown devices are expected to be restarted in May; In addition, according to the announcement, the 80000 T / a methyl ethyl ketone expansion project invested and expanded by Qixiang has been completed and put into operation, and the supply of butanone is expected to increase in May; On the demand side, with the easing of the domestic epidemic situation, orderly production has been resumed in areas with strict control in the early stage, and the terminal demand has gradually recovered. However, the price of butanone is higher than that in the same period of previous years. Restricted by insufficient profits, some enterprises may maintain low load operation, and may is in the off-season of demand, so the demand is difficult to reach the ideal state. In terms of raw materials, the recent market trend of liquefied gas is weak, and the profit space of butanone is still relatively loose. In terms of international devices, some parking devices in Europe were heard to resume operation in the early stage, and the price performance of the European external market stagnated and fell, while the maintenance of Maruyama in Japan in May was good, which was basically digested in the early stage and gave a general boost to the market. On the whole, at present, the domestic profit-making market is rapidly closing and shipping, and the market is short. If there is no obvious positive boost, it is expected that the butanone market will be difficult to stop falling in the near future.



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