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Application of potassium nitrate in various crops

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I. On potassium nitrate:

1. Potassium nitrate is a compound fertilizer of nitrogen and potassium, of which nitrogen is 13.5 and potassium is 46. Potassium nitrate is easy to move in the soil and is suitable for Topdressing of crops, especially in the middle and late stages.

2. Nitrogen in potassium nitrate is nitrate nitrogen, which is beneficial to crop absorption, and potassium content is relatively high, so it is used more in the period of crop expansion, and the effect is obvious. However, during the coloring period of some crops, the use of potassium nitrate should be cautious. Excessive use of potassium nitrate may cause fruit discoloration because of excessive nitrogen.

3. Potassium nitrate is widely used in tobacco, grape and fruit trees, melon and fruit vegetables and other cash crops, with fast fertilizer efficiency and good quality of agricultural products.

4. Nitrate absorbs heat in the process of dissolution, so it can be used as few times as possible in winter to cooperate with humic acid products.

5. Because of the anionic antagonism between NO3-(nitrate) and Cl- (chloride ion), potassium nitrate can resist the absorption of Cl- (chloride ion) in soil by crops.

6. In some soil environments, NO3-(nitrate) in potassium nitrate is absorbed more quickly by crops, so a small amount of residual potassium ions is absorbed by soil, or weak acid and strong alkali salts such as K2CO3 (potassium carbonate) are formed. In such soil, potassium nitrate belongs to physiological alkaline fertilizer, so it is more suitable for use in acidic soil.


II. The Use of Potassium Nitrate in Various Crops


As for the application of potassium nitrate in various crops, what I'm going to say is for reference only. It's based on the use of some cat friends. It's not necessarily suitable for all regions. We should also make sure according to the local conditions.


1. Apples: 10-15 kg once in the latter stage, twice.

2. Grape: One third of the grape color change uses 5 kg, once, to promote red.

3. Watermelon, melon, winter melon and so on: 4-6 kg once in the later stage, or 2-3 kg twice.

4. Bananas: 5 kg once, 3-4 times during fruit hanging.

5. Fruits and vegetables such as beans, eggplant, pepper, and tomato: 3-5 kg, once a half month. 

6. Potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on: 5-10 kg later, once.


In addition, the specific dosage of drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and irrigation is also different, and we suggest that you try more. The amount of potassium nitrate and base fertilizer, as well as the number of times used and methods are very much related, which is why you see that others use it very well, but the effect of their own use is not very good, because you do not know what people are using in front of.



1. Keep away from heat sources and flames during transportation and storage.

2. According to Article 14 of the Measures of the Ministry of Agriculture on the Management of Fertilizer Registration, this fertilizer is exempted from registration.

 EC value: concentration of soluble salt or ion in solution.

3. Easy to cake, it is recommended that a small number of repeated stockpiling.



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