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Acrylic acid and butyl ester: rising operation under favorable support

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According to the monitoring of relevant data, the recent industrial chain of acrylic acid and butyl ester is mainly rising, and the raw material propylene is arranged at a high level, but the overall fluctuation range is limited. From butanol, another raw material, to acrylic acid and butyl ester, there was an increase of at least 3%, and the industrial chain was better as a whole.

Recently, international crude oil rebounded continuously, with US crude oil reaching 108.21 US dollars / barrel and ice Brent crude oil closing at 113.16 US dollars / barrel, a new high since March 31. Although the market is worried about further EU sanctions on Russian crude oil, the expectation of crude oil supply shortage has to some extent hedged the expectation of lower crude oil demand caused by economic pressure and the recurrence of the epidemic, supporting the further rise of crude oil prices in recent days. The market focus remains on whether the EU will impose an embargo on Russian oil exports. In the short term, the oil price rate will probably maintain a wide range of volatility.

Crude oil runs at a high level, and the cost side is high. However, from the perspective of the chemical products market, the overall high cost transmission is limited, the market follow-up is limited, and so is the acid ester industry chain. There was no pressure on the shipment of propylene production enterprises in Shandong, the market trading range fluctuated, and the overall high level fluctuated. However, the restart of the northwest butanol plant was delayed, and the overall supply remained tight. The market is expected to be relatively strong, but the overall fluctuation range is limited.

Recently, the acid ester Market has risen as a whole. On the one hand, under the influence of the epidemic, the efficiency of cargo transportation has decreased, the transportation is limited, the cross regional circulation is obviously blocked, and the supply circulation is dominated by short-term circulation. In addition, the shutdown of Shandong Hongxin and Kaitai units showed obvious tightening of supply in North China, and faced with this round of periodic settlement, the factory's price support mood was obvious, the low price in the market faded out, and the focus of negotiation was significantly higher. Recently, the demand side has recovered slowly, especially due to the impact of poor logistics transportation and blocked delivery. Some just need to follow up passively, and the subsequent May Day holiday affects the logistics and other transportation. Some just need to prepare goods or take goods here in advance. The market performance of short-term acrylic acid and ester is strong. Pay attention to the subsequent changes of logistics and transportation and the recovery of parking devices.



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