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Acetic acid: post-holiday acetic acid market trend forecast

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Acetic acid: post-holiday acetic acid market trend forecast

Since the second half of August, acetic acid prices have rebounded in a small wave, supported by a slight improvement in supply and demand in the phase, as many domestic acetic acid plants have stopped or reduced their load, and the supply side has shrunk, while downstream and traders have been replenishing goods at low levels.

At present, the load of many acetic acid plants is not full, and the industry start-up rate is at the conventional level of about 8.4, and the market supply is relatively sufficient.

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But the demand side, based on the domestic real estate market into the primary stage of long-term adjustment, the overall downward trend of the corresponding traditional industry product demand is difficult to reverse, the chemical market "Golden Nine Silver Ten" is expected to be greatly reduced. Against the backdrop of weak end consumption, the main downstream of acetic acid PTA starts are still less than 70%, and the start of ethyl acetate is only maintained at 40%, while small printing and dyeing and water additives manufacturers continue to maintain parking status, so there is no substantial improvement in demand.

Based on the weak demand support and the limited supply reduction of acetic acid, the market supply is not tight, so the downstream purchasing enthusiasm is not high before the festival, and the individual spot-based mainland factory inventory pressure has appeared.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, due to various factors such as transportation, it is expected that the field trading is scarce, and the overall social inventory is in a cumulative situation, and the industry is cautious, and the market will not rule out the possibility of decline after the festival.



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