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99.9% Glacial Acetic Acid Industrial grade

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We are a manufacturer of glacial acetic acid industrial grade 

CAS 64-19-7   good quality and best price    

Product Description

  Acetic acid, systematically named ethanoic acid, is a colorless liquid organic compound with the chemical formula CH3COOH (also written as CH3CO2H or C2H4O2). When undiluted, it is sometimes called glacial acetic acid. Vinegar is roughly 3–9% acetic acid by volume, making acetic acid the main component of vinegar apart from water. Acetic acid has a distinctive sour taste and pungent smell. In addition to household vinegar, it is mainly produced as a precursor to polyvinyl acetate and cellulose acetate. It is classified as a weak acid since it only partially dissociates in solution, but concentrated acetic acid is corrosive and can attack the skin.

Glacial acetic acid Specifications


Analysis Item

Technical Grade

Super grade

Glacial Acetic Acid, %



10 max

Formic acid content, %


Acetaldehyde content, %


Formaldehyde content, %


Residue on evaporation, %



0.000 04max

Main Features

1) Colorless Transparent Liquid
2) Pungent smell
3) Colorless crystal after solidification at 16.6℃
4) Weak acid and strong corrosion resistance in aqueous solution 


TECH & Advantages

Production process

Hisea chemical produce Glacial acetic acid by the most advanced method-the low-pressure methanol carbonylation Which is efficient, environmental, high quality, without impurity.



Free sample, Most advanced production method, High quality, Fast delivery, Close to loading port, Third party certificate, After-sale service, No complain.


1mts/IBC drum 20 drums in each 20ft container=20mts/20ft container
220kgs/HDPE drum 80 drums in each 20ft container=17.6mts/20ft container
30kgs/HDPE drum 785 drums in each 20ft container=23.55mts/20ft container
Usage: Widely used in textile industry, fiber industry, Pharmacia industry, pesticide industry, dyestuff industry, plastic industry our products are exported to countries all around the world such as :USA, Germany,
Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa etc. and
enjoy a good reputation in our customers.




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