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2022 butyryl alcohol events

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2022 butyryl alcohol events

1, 2022 domestic butyl alcohol market price operation range of major events

2022 butyl alcohol market by the national epidemic, the overall domestic chemicals market is relatively stable, although butyl alcohol market is also expected to move up, but compared with 2021 is still in a slow recovery phase, the market activity is still to be enhanced, although the positive crude oil brought about by the mood warming expectations, but due to the lower end of the industry chain industry boom is still to be further enhanced, and the overall supply side of the upstream raw material side is relatively adequate, butyl alcohol Octanol, plasticizer manufacturers generally run at high load, the overall operating rate in the high, so the short-term terminal industry demand for raw materials and cost conduction strength is still slow to rise, but the overall butyl alcohol and plasticizer shipments in the slow rise cycle, the market trend is expected to oscillate upward.

Butyl alcohol market since June to continue the weak situation is difficult to reverse the end of the epidemic in Shanghai, although the relevant industries have recovered, for example: East China and the surrounding areas of logistics and transportation gradually return to normal, butyl alcohol upstream and downstream industries trading activity has increased, but the actual recovery of the market is less than expected, plasticizer product orders demand is not rising but falling, mainly based on weak domestic demand, export orders continue to shrink. And plasticizer industry to the cost of raw materials conduction continues to be weak, including the terminal products industry demand and the profitability of enterprises show a declining trend, the overall industry chain market center of gravity continues to move downward, failing to rebound as expected.

1. 2022 whole year butyl alcohol market overall shock finishing, 2022 n-butanol annual low of 6800 yuan / ton, octanol annual low of 8200 yuan / ton.

2, 2022 China butyl alcohol device big event

In 2022, in addition to Guangxi Huayi n-butanol single production capacity of 300,000 tons / year device put into operation, the domestic butyl alcohol capacity is basically no new, new production capacity in 2011-2018 after the centralized release, after 2018 so far, the domestic butyl alcohol new capacity release almost stagnant state. But 2022 due to butyryl alcohol industry profit space is extremely lucrative and demand is strong, manufacturers are generally at full production, more delayed maintenance efforts to improve production, and even through the production process improvement, to maintain the production unit long-cycle overload operation, so 2022 domestic butyryl alcohol production and industry average capacity utilization rate but hit a new record high.

3, 2022 butyryl alcohol industry earnings big event

      In 2022, butyl alcohol market trend for the time being to a stable, the industry's theoretical profit in February reached the highest level of the year, the profit peak of 4904 yuan / ton, reached the peak level of the year, in August this year hit bottom, reached the lowest level of the year, the bottom of -61 yuan / ton, from the production of octanol, the start rate data, each round of big rise behind the production capacity reduction as the trigger, supply and demand still account for dominant.

4, 2022 butyl alcohol import dependence is weak foreign trade exports remain high

In 2022, the overall domestic butyl alcohol shows a tight balance, but based on the efficient and stable output of domestic producers, coupled with Europe and the United States and Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other major producing countries by the continued recurrence of the epidemic and force majeure and other impacts, overseas installations were once more in a state of production reduction or suspension, the annual domestic octanol 1-12 imports continued to decline significantly, the average drop of more than 43.5%, especially n-butanol imports and Under the influence of anti-dumping, the total import volume from January to December dropped by 55% compared with last year.

n-butanol, octanol main import sources are basically stable, including n-butanol imports are still mainly from Taiwan (Formosa Plastics), Saudi Arabia, South Africa and other countries and regions; octanol imports are still mainly from Taiwan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions. Among them, n-butanol January-December imports from Taiwan reached 81,600 tons throughout the year, accounting for 62.3% of the total, accounting for more than 60%, from Saudi Arabia, South Africa's n-butanol imports January-December total of 35,100 tons, 0.415 million tons, respectively, accounting for 26.85%, 3.2%, etc.; octanol 2021, the main source of imports for Indonesia (PT PON) January-December total amounted to 87,900 tons, accounting for 38%, followed by Saudi Arabia January-December total imports of 38,600 tons, accounting for 16.7%, Taiwan January-December imports totaled 38,400 tons, accounting for 16.6%, South Korea 31,300 tons, accounting for 13.52%, etc.



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