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[chlor alkali] the epidemic of liquid alkali is fierce. What is the trend of liquid alkali in China?

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Since March, public health incidents have erupted in many regions in China, the epidemic prevention and control is still severe, the logistics and transportation in various regions are limited, and most enterprises affected by the epidemic in many regions have a temporary decline. The situation in Shandong is very complicated. The spread of COVID-19 variant strain of the virus has led to many triggering of the epidemic. At present, many areas in the province are classified as high risk areas. The upstream and downstream enterprises choose to actively strengthen vehicle management during the epidemic period, and the transportation capacity decreases. What are the recent trends in the market? Specifically:

North China: the epidemic has been triggered in many places in Shandong since this week. At present, Weihai, Qingdao, Yantai, Weifang, Rizhao, Zibo, Binzhou, Dezhou and Liaocheng are all medium and high-risk areas. Foreign vehicles arriving in the risk area need to hold the negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours. In some parks, the requirements are more strict, and the test certificates of local parks must be implemented. In addition, there is still one-to-one transportation, and the road transportation situation has declined significantly, Many enterprises said that the transportation was slow. Although Weifang, Zibo, Dongying and other enterprises reduced the load within the week, the enterprise transportation was still poor. Moreover, Dongying Dachang drove on the 17th, and the market in the Middle East of Shandong continued to operate weakly and stably. Southwest Shandong has relatively little impact. Due to the limited transportation in the middle and east of Shandong, the downstream of Southwest Shandong has high enthusiasm for receiving goods, and the goods of enterprises are better. The surrounding West Shandong and Southwest Shandong have continued to rise. Manufacturers in Hebei are mainly affected by logistics, but manufacturers in Cangzhou are affected by the epidemic prevention policy, and the enterprise devices operate at low load. The follow-up recovery time still needs to pay attention to local policies. After the continuous adjustment of Cangzhou last week, Cangzhou region temporarily operates stably this week. Some Hengshui and other regions have increased due to the decrease of goods inflow from Shandong and other regions, and the goods of enterprises go smoothly, so the market has increased. Due to the epidemic in Northeast China and other regions, the inflow of peripheral goods decreased, coupled with the rise of freight, and the local market also increased slightly.

East China: affected by the epidemic in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, the inflow of goods from Shandong and other regions has decreased, and the northern Jiangsu and other regions have adjusted. The southern Jiangsu region is dominated by the consolidation of local enterprises due to the impact of public health events such as Taixing, Changzhou, Zhenjiang and Shanghai. Due to the impact of health events in southern Jiangsu, the local supply of goods such as Zhejiang and Anhui has decreased, and the enterprises in the province have increased.

Central China: in March, the construction of alumina in the lower reaches was relatively high, and the inflow of goods from Shandong and other sources decreased. The goods of enterprises were transported smoothly. During the week, Henan increased. The goods of enterprises in the two lakes regions were stable, and the price continued to be stable.

Northwest and southwest China: the main enterprises in Northwest China lowered 300 yuan per ton this week, and the local flake alkali price was at a certain low level. In addition, the downstream had obvious resistance to the high price market, and the local liquid alkali price continued to decline. The differentiation is obvious in the southwest region. In some regions, due to the low level of the flake alkali market, the prices of main enterprises decline slightly. In some regions, the goods of enterprises are better, and the market is temporarily stable under the tight supply.

Although there are maintenance plans in Jinling Dawang plant, Jinmao, shanaluminum and Dongyue in March, it is still unknown whether the enterprises affected by the epidemic can repair as scheduled. Under the influence of the current epidemic transportation in many places, there is still a possibility of a narrow increase in regional memory in the future. We still need to pay attention to the problems caused by the epidemic situation and other factors.

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