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Vinyl acetate: strong market with favorable supply

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The price of domestic vinyl acetate is the main player. Sinopec's listing price has been rising continuously. The raw material acetic acid has risen sharply in the month. The price of calcium carbide fluctuates. The external ethylene market fluctuates and declines. The cost trend is different, which has a weak impact on the market trend of vinyl acetate. The downstream procurement demand for vinyl acetate by calcium carbide method and non calcium carbide method is relatively stable, multidimensional rigid demand procurement, insufficient domestic demand support is still obvious, and the overall operation mentality of the cargo holders is not strong.

The overseas units have not recovered due to force majeure, the overseas demand is still biased towards the domestic market, and the domestic enterprises have delivered more export orders, which alleviates the pressure of insufficient domestic demand in the vinyl acetate Market to a certain extent; Nanjing Celanese and Shanghai Petrochemical Plant were shut down for maintenance. The supply side continued to tighten, which stimulated the market. The transaction price of calcium carbide method was rising, and the transaction focus of non calcium carbide method was high.

In the future, Nanjing Celanese plant was shut down for maintenance on May 26 for 14 days, Shanghai Petrochemical plant was shut down for maintenance on June 1 for one month, Taiwan Dalian 350000 ton plant and Japan JVP shinyue had maintenance plans in June, and the supply side of vinyl acetate had a certain positive support. It was expected that the short-term market would continue to consolidate at a high level, and there was a certain upward mentality.



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