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Titanium dioxide: the market atmosphere is slightly weak

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This week, the domestic sulfuric acid market was dominated by weak consolidation, among which the price in Shandong region fell significantly. Recently, the overall operating load in the region was relatively high, the market supply was sufficient, the early stock in the downstream market was sufficient, the recent demand support was limited, the acid plant inventory was overstocked, the shipment was not smooth, and the price was under pressure. Prices in Southwest China remain strong. The fertilizer market of underground travel in Sichuan and Yunnan has strong intention to prepare fertilizer recently, the demand support is stable, the manufacturers' shipments are smooth, there is no pressure on inventory in the short term, and the quotation remains high. The general trend in the two lakes region stabilized during the week, and the factory to factory price in Hubei region rose in a narrow range. Affected by the limited supply of phosphate rock, downstream phosphate fertilizer manufacturers have strong intention to prepare fertilizer, and the demand support is stable.

This week, the titanium market was temporarily stabilized, and the overall trading atmosphere of the market was stable. Recently, Panzhihua mine has a slightly tight supply of goods, and the purchase of raw materials in the market is relatively difficult. The cost pressure of small and medium-sized titanium ores is still high. In addition, the purchase in the downstream market is better than that in the early stage, the miners' inventory remains low, and some transaction prices rise slightly; The downstream titanium dioxide price continues to be strong, enterprises are under great pressure to ship, and it is difficult for titanium ore prices to increase significantly. It is expected that the short-term titanium ore market will be stable and small.

On the whole, the high cost side supports the high cost of raw materials, which puts great pressure on enterprises. Domestic dealers and downstream companies are more on the sidelines, maintaining just needed purchases, and no longer stocking up in large quantities. New orders are not sold well, and the market is more on the sidelines of the new deal of Longqi. In the off-season of titanium dioxide demand, individual enterprises, affected by inventory and cost pressure, maintained production reduction, and the prices of large manufacturers were relatively stable. Some titanium dioxide manufacturers reduced their prices slightly and actively shipped, resulting in high and low price differences. The export market as a whole remains good, with many export pending orders. It is expected that the short-term titanium dioxide market will be stabilized temporarily.



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