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The use of Cyclohexanone

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    "Cyclohexanone is an important chemical raw material and a major intermediate in the manufacture of nylon, caprolactam and adipic acid.

    It is also an important industrial solvent, such as for paints, especially those containing nitrocellulose, vinyl chloride polymers and their copolymers, or methacrylate polymer paints.

    An excellent solvent for organophosphorus pesticides and many analogues; as a solvent for dyes; as a viscous solvent for piston aviation lubricants; as a solvent for fats, waxes and rubbers.

    It is also used as a homogenizer for dyeing and fading filaments, as a degreaser for polishing metals, and as a paint for wood coloring. Cyclohexanone can be used for defilm, destain and spot removal.


    Cyclohexanone was condensed with cyanoacetic acid to obtain cyclohexyleneacetic acid, then eliminated and decarboxylated to cyclohexeneacetonitrile, and finally hydrogenated to obtain cyclohexeneethylamine [3399-73-3]. Cyclohexeneethylamine is an intermediate of medicine such as kemecide and Temarene.

    Used as a high boiling point solvent for cosmetics such as nail polish.

    Mixed solvents are usually prepared with low and medium boiling solvents to obtain appropriate volatilization rates and viscosity.



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