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Stable operation of titanium dioxide market after the festival

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In terms of devices: after the festival, the titanium dioxide market was affected by the maintenance of various devices, and the operation was insufficient. Jinan Yuxing, one line was shut down in February and planned to start at the end of the month; Yunnan daxiaotong single line production in January, with a plan of about 20 days; Two kilns of Shandong Dongjia old factory in February were shut down for maintenance; Panzhihua haifengxin's shutdown and overhaul plan in January is about 15 days; In January and February, there were 4 kilns in Ma'anshan of CNNC, and 3 kilns maintained production; Longmang Xiangyang 3# kiln was shut down for maintenance in February. It is estimated that the output of Longbai Jiaozuo sulfuric acid method in January is 22557 tons and that of chlorination method is about 20600 tons. At the beginning of the month, after the market prices of Longbai, Shandong Jinhai, CNNC and Shandong Dongjia were determined to be increased, the prices of individual manufacturers were increased by 200-500 yuan tons compared with the previous implementation. CITIC titanium's new plant has a capacity of 30000 tons and another 30000 tons is expected to be put into operation at the end of next month.

Supply and demand: due to holidays, epidemic, environmental protection and other comprehensive reasons, the inventory of most manufacturers has not been established, and the spot supply is still in a relatively tight state. Some manufacturers mainly send early orders. Downstream demand has gradually recovered and the logistics situation has improved. The international titanium dioxide giants have sent letters to raise the market price, which may lead to the improvement of the domestic market. This week, komu, tenor and Ishihara sent a letter to raise the market price of titanium dioxide in the second quarter, and the price will be raised from April 1; In the domestic market, Tianlun chemical, Yumen Jingyang, Zhengyuan technology and Fumin Longteng sent a letter to increase the domestic price of titanium dioxide by 600 yuan / ton and the international price by 100 US dollars / ton. According to market news, large enterprises may increase by 500 yuan / ton. Later, manufacturers will send letters to increase prices, and the market will meet the price rise tide again. The demand in the downstream market is lower than expected, and there are sporadic low prices in the market, but the transaction is limited, so purchase with caution.

On the whole, the domestic titanium dioxide market fluctuated, and the overall trading atmosphere of the market was acceptable. The commencement of titanium dioxide market remained high. Some manufacturers' early orders were mainly delivered by the end of March, and the new orders in the field were flat. The cost price of raw and auxiliary materials continues to rise, and the cost of titanium dioxide remains high. Recently, the market has sent letters one after another, and other manufacturers may follow up in the later stage. However, the market situation is not as expected, the price of titanium dioxide is temporarily stable, and the market is deadlocked in the short term.

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