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Propylene: Brief Analysis of Propylene Import and Export in September

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Propylene: Brief Analysis of Propylene Import and Export in September

In September, the focus of my country's propylene market moved up. During the month, several crackers in Asia kept operating at a low load due to cost pressures, and several PDH units in China remained shut down. The spot supply of propylene was tight, and the peak consumption season drove downstream demand to rebound, and the market trading range rose steadily. my country's propylene imports increased significantly that month, the highest since December 2019, while exports remained at a low level in the previous month.

Import side:

According to customs statistics, in September 2022, my country imported 310,253.531 tons of propylene, with an import value of $287,745,739. The import volume increased by 75.48% from the previous month and by 37.51% from the same period last year.

In September, my country's propylene trading partners decreased to South Korea, China Taiwan, Japan, etc. in order of import volume. Propylene from South Korea was 153,020.81 tons, accounting for about 49.32% of imports. The amount of propylene from the United States is only 2.54 tons.

The registered places of companies importing propylene in September were mainly concentrated in East China. Among them, Zhejiang Province imported the largest amount, reaching 155,267.58 tons, accounting for 50.05%, followed by Jiangsu Province, Fujian Province and Shanghai.


According to customs statistics, my country exported 168.544 tons of propylene in September 2022, a decrease of 14.4% from the previous month and a decrease of 99.28% from the same period last year. The export amount reached 715,307 US dollars, and the average export price was about 4,244.04 US dollars / ton.

The amount of propylene exported this month is relatively small, and the amount of propylene sold to various places is less than 50 tons. The registered places of enterprises exporting propylene are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Province, and the trade methods are general trade.



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