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Propylene: Brief Analysis of Propylene Import and Export in FY2022

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Propylene: Brief Analysis of Propylene Import and Export in FY2022

In FY2022, China's propylene imports totaled 2,337,300 tons, down 6.3% from 2021; exports totaled 38,800 tons, down 57.84% from last year. On the whole, the foreign dependence of propylene decreases from 5.5% in 2021 to 4.88% in 2022.


According to customs statistics: In 2022, China imported a total of 2337260.24 tons of propylene, with an import value of US$2378689109, a monthly average import volume of about 194,800 tons and an average import price of about US$1050.8/ton.

In 2022, domestic propylene imports were concentrated in the Asian region, mainly from South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, with South Korea remaining the largest source of propylene imports in China, importing 1.224 million tons of propylene from South Korea, accounting for 52.37% of imports.

Throughout the year, propylene imports were concentrated in East China, with Zhejiang Province importing the largest volume of 1.02 million tons, accounting for 43.64%, followed by Shanghai and Fujian Province, accounting for 13.99% and 12.78% respectively.


In 2022, my annual propylene exports totaled 38835.028 tons, compared with last year's exports of 92118.133 tons, a decrease of 53283.1 tons. Whole shipments of propylene were exported from February to July during the year.

During the year, China's propylene exports were mainly in Asia, with more than 20,000 tons of propylene exported to South Korea and less than 10,000 tons to other countries.

Exporters are registered in Shanghai, Tianjin and Shandong Province. As domestic propylene production capacity continues to expand and the supply and demand structure gradually changes, it is expected that the overall domestic propylene export volume will steadily increase in the future.




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