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Polyether: Cost and demand game passive following

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After the holiday, the domestic polyether market ushered in a "good start", with a large number of orders in one day, but because downstream and terminal enterprises are still closed, it is difficult to continue to follow up the real demand for polyether. This round of demand is mainly caused by pre-holiday bookings and individual factories stocking goods in advance. At the same time, polyether industry started to improve, the demand for raw material cyprol increased, THE Po market realized both volume and price growth, the cost end continued to increase, polyether passively follow.

A week after the festival, due to the high raw material Po, coupled with the partial polyether factory in the festival to reduce the negative or maintenance, the factory inventory is tight, and the day after the festival site explosion orders, polyether market trend upward. On the supply side, it is reported that during the Spring Festival, Shandong Jiahua, Longhua and Dexin Federation have a decline, in addition, in east China, Jiangsu Changhua, Jurong Ningwu and other negative storage, coupled with the maintenance of Zhejiang Hengfeng and Nanjing Keleya, the start of polyether industry during the Spring Festival decreased to about 60%; After the holiday, it has been restarted one after another. Up to now, it has basically returned to normal level, and the industry is operating at about 70%. Polyether supply side although increased, but controllable inventory, save some support.

On the cost side, huadong GROUP's offer increased by 100 yuan on the first working day after the holiday, and then huadong group kept rising in the southern and northern markets, with an overall increase of 600 yuan/ton within the week. On the supply side after the holiday, the overall operation rate of the units in northern China has decreased. According to statistics, the overall operation rate of the HUANc units in Shandong has decreased to 81% on February 7th, among which the load of Huatai units is unstable, mostly 60% or even once dropped to 40% due to the qing Tower. At the beginning of Sanyue Huanbing Week, two sets of devices were less than 60% of the load, and Shida maintained about 70%. Compared with January 29 before the festival, the one-day supply in the site decreased by more than 550 tons. In addition, with hangjin technology equipment in northeast China reduced to 80%, and the restart of Jishen single set of maintenance equipment was delayed, the supply also declined slightly. The supply side continues to be positive, the factory has no inventory, the rise can be maintained, there is still a small increase expected, polyether cost side support is strong.

In terms of the downstream, the downstream and terminal enterprises are still closed one week after the festival, and will resume work after the 15th day of the first lunar month. The polyether orders after the festival are mostly reserved before the festival or individual enterprises prepare goods in advance, but the actual demand has not been started in a centralized way. Therefore, the short-term domestic polyether market cost and demand game, with the rise is not easy, at the same time, the downward is also limited, more passive test. But next week, as the downstream demand gradually pick up, polyether orders or volume.



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