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Plasticizer: a good start to the market

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During the Spring Festival holiday, the price of raw material octanol is widely increased, and the price of plasticizer is also rising, and the plasticizer industry chain presents a thriving situation.

Raw material octanol spot supply tight, temporarily not opened first mainstream manufacturers, end of stacking stage, China Taiwan, South Asia octanol unit fault accident parking, octanol phases continues to narrow, supply industry of octanol rally expected intense, after return, luxi chemical industry, for example, octyl alcohol prices rose to 14300 yuan/ton, The price of n-butanol rose to 11800 yuan/ton, strengthening the cost transmission of DOP and DBP.

In addition to octanol strength, another raw material benzene anhydride is also an upward trend. Raw materials of phthalic acid from February 1 up 300 to 7400 yuan/ton, From February 7 up 400 to 7800 yuan/ton, the spot supply of benzene anhydride industry is also tight, overlay cost transmission, high price sentiment is strong, under the situation of selling, basically showing a closed waiting to rise situation. The overall improvement of dual raw materials boosted DOP and DBP.

DOP, DBP spot supply industry is not high, existence is concentrated parking during the holiday, and now there is still a phenomenon has not yet returned to the city, superposition of previous orders, plasticizer overall social inventory supply low, but the follow-up with parking device restart, supply also increased the risk exists, as shown in the figure below, and the parking of plasticizer device statistics for the holidays.

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