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PVC: the demand for PVC under pressure in logistics and transportation continues to be weak

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In terms of cost, the overall contradiction between supply and demand in the market is becoming more and more obvious. The unit operating load of calcium carbide production enterprises is OK, and the market supply is relatively sufficient. However, due to the current logistics and transportation resistance among many places has not been fully alleviated, and the poor circulation of resources, the inventory pressure of calcium carbide enterprises is gradually increasing.

Fundamentals: in the near future, the overall fundamentals of PVC are still relatively stable in the short term. Some manufacturers will start spring maintenance next week. Although the operating rate has decreased, the market supply is relatively sufficient. Although the epidemic situation has improved and the market trading enthusiasm has increased, the logistics and transportation are blocked, the PVC manufacturers have accumulated inventory, and the overall supply side remains high; East China, North China and other regions are still gradually reduced by the impact of epidemic control, but the overall operating rate of terminal plastic plants is low. Although the state has promulgated favorable policies on logistics, logistics transportation is still limited, spot circulation still lags behind, and the weakness of the demand side has not been improved; Internationally, although the price of peripheral PVC is expected to rise, China's export inquiry is weak, there are many operators and most inquiries, and the export volume will decline.

On the whole, the current epidemic fermentation in many places has restrained the commencement of PVC downstream factories, and the market demand is significantly weaker than that in the same period of previous years. As well as the extension of logistics timeliness, the PVC terminal demand will remain weak. Under the continuous weakening of cost side support, it is expected that the future market price of PVC may enter a range oscillation pattern in the short term, and the downstream demand may continue to improve after the recovery of logistics and transportation.

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