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PVC: negative factors prevail PVC reaches a new low

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In terms of cost, recently, the price of blue carbon has continued to operate at a high level, and the price of calcium carbide has continued to fall, leading to the tightening of the production profit space of enterprises. Therefore, the operating load of some calcium carbide enterprises has declined. However, due to the increasing trend of the external sales of supporting calcium carbide in some regions, the overall supply pressure of the calcium carbide market has not been reduced under the situation of the declining operating load of calcium carbide enterprises, On the contrary, the continuous accumulation of inventory of individual calcium carbide enterprises is also one of the important factors causing the decline of operating load. At present, the overall supply of calcium carbide market is obvious, and it is expected that the calcium carbide market will maintain a weak consolidation and operation in the short term

Fundamentals: Recently, the PVC market price has fallen sharply. With the reduction of maintenance manufacturers, the supply of goods in the spot market has gradually increased. Even if PVC manufacturers conduct centralized maintenance and the spot output is small, the PVC market is still weak for a long time. After the supply side recovers, the market will still operate weakly. Under the influence of the straight decline of futures, the on-site trading has decreased significantly, and the market is mainly on the sidelines; The downstream demand of PVC has entered the traditional off-season, the South has ushered in the rainy season, some regions in the north are in the wheat harvest season, the downstream demand for real estate and infrastructure is weak, the orders for PVC hard products are limited, the operating rate of terminal plastic manufacturers also remains low, and various negative factors are superimposed, so the demand side will remain weak in the short term.

In general, due to the long-term downward trend of PVC, the on-site trading is poor, and the inventory of manufacturers and society continues to increase. The south is in the rainy season and the north is in the wheat harvest season. The demand for real estate and infrastructure is still weak, and there is no obvious positive in the short term. The long-term weak demand is still one of the main factors affecting the fluctuation and decline of PVC market; Therefore, it is expected that the PVC market price may remain weak and volatile in the short term, with insufficient upward momentum.

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