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Nitric Acid Storage and transportation

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Closed operation, pay attention to ventilation. The operation is as mechanized and automated as possible. Operators must be specially trained and strictly abide by the operating rules. Operators are advised to wear self-priming filter gas mask (full cover), rubber acid and alkali resistant clothing and rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Smoking is strict

Nitri Acid Risk and first aid measures


Contact with Nitric Acid vapor is very dangerous. Nitric acid solution and nitric acid vapor have strong irritating and corrosive effects on skin and mucosa. Concentrated nitric acid smoke can release nitrogen pentoxide (nitric anhydride) and form acid fog when it meets water vapor. It can quickly decompose to form nitrogen dioxide. When concentrated nitric acid is heated, nitric acid vapor can also be decomposed to produce nitrogen dioxide. Inhalation can cause acute nitrogen oxide poisoning. No significant damage was observed when the dose was less than 12 ppm (30 mg/m_). Inhalation can cause pneumonia. Rats inhaled LC50 49 ppm/4 hours. It was reported that 3 cases had no respiratory symptoms in a short time after Inhaling Nitric Acid smoke. Progressive dyspnea 4-6 hours later. After admission, there were cyanosis and foam fluid in the mouth and nose. Mechanical ventilation and 100% oxygen inhalation were given. Death occurred within 24 hours. Autopsy, immunobiological analysis of lung tissue and electron microscopy showed that cell damage may be caused by free radicals produced by the hydration of nitrogen dioxide, and this time-dependent effect.



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