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Methylene chloride: the new unit will be put into operation soon, and the market will open a downward channel

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Recently, the domestic methylene chloride market is generally weak. As the commissioning time of Dongying Huatai new plant in Shandong is approaching, the mentality of downstream and traders is empty, the market entry is cautious, and under the control of demand, the shipment of some enterprises is poor, and the market focus is gradually declining.

It is understood that with the recent restart of Jinling Dawang plant and Jiangsu Fuqiang plant, the overall operation of methylene chloride market remains at a high level. On May 11, the average operation rate of the market was about 80.18%, which was at a high level in recent one year. Dongying Huatai in Shandong Province plans to officially put its 160000 T / a unit into operation in mid May. In addition to the long-term shutdown of Jinmao aluminum plant in the region, the load of Jinling plant will be 90%, Luxi will be 80% and Dongyue will be full. At that time, after Huatai is put into operation, the supply of goods in Shandong will increase, which will inevitably lead to further decline in market prices, and some products will flow out under the background of limited overall local demand, It has a certain impact on the markets in East and South China.

In the short term, all parties are very concerned about the production of Dongying Huatai unit, and it has become an inevitable trend that the market continues to weaken. However, summer is the traditional peak season of the refrigerant industry, and for the downstream of solvents, if methylene chloride has a price advantage over other alternatives, the demand may improve to a certain extent; From the perspective of cost and profit, although the raw material methanol is weakened by the demand, it is supported by the coal price, the space below is limited, the liquid chlorine market has been shipped well recently, and after the start-up of Huatai methane chloride plant, some chlorine is used by itself, and the price of liquid chlorine continues to rise. According to the analysis of the current situation, the overall trend of domestic methylene chloride market will continue to be weak in the short term, but the overall decline space is limited. In the later stage, we still need to pay more attention to the manufacturer's device dynamics, inventory, downstream receiving and upstream raw material trend. It is recommended that people in the industry operate with caution.



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