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Industry grade hydrogen peroxide 50%

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Hydrogen peroxide is the most common inorganic peroxide. Due to its oxidizing properties, it is used in bleach formulations, disinfection applications and in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The product is used as a bleaching agent in the production of paper pulp; as a reagent for chemical synthesis; in the detoxification and purification of water and effluent and for copper etching of printed circuit boards and cleaning semiconductors.

Hydrogen peroxide's Application
Military medical and industrial use of hydrogen peroxide points three, daily disinfection is medical hydrogen peroxide, medical hydrogen peroxide can kill the intestinal pathogenic bacteria streptococcus pyogenes, pathogenic yeast, generally used for surface disinfection with hydrogen peroxide oxidation, the hydrogen peroxide bleaching mechanism of medical hydrogen peroxide concentration is equal to or less than 3%, wipe to the wound surface, there will be burning surface is oxidized and bubbled into white, it is ok to clean with clear water, three five minutes to restore the original color of skin

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