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Ethyl acetate: weak supply and demand, poor atmosphere

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The ethyl acetate market rose in a narrow range, but the overall trend was weak. At present, the market is in the off-season, and the overall procurement situation in the downstream is slightly average. The trend of raw materials is stable and weak, and the cost side is still contained. The profit of the factory is not high, and most of the time it is in a state of loss. The main factories are still able to trade, but the focus of market transactions is low-end prices, and upstream and downstream enterprises are cautious in trading.

At present, poor overall downstream demand is still the main factor restraining the market, and the trend of raw material acetic acid is stable to weak, the cost side is not well supported, factory profits are upside down, manufacturers are mainly shipping, and the overall market trend is weak.

At the beginning of the month, the main factories in Shandong had a fair auction transaction and a good premium, which had a certain positive boost to the surrounding market, and the overall transaction of ethyl acetate increased; There is a certain positive boost to the market, and the transaction focus is slightly raised. However, due to the overall weak downstream demand and insufficient follow-up, the procurement remains just in demand. Although the manufacturers' willingness to stabilize prices is obvious, the market transaction focus is mostly low-end.

From the perspective of profit, ethyl acetate is mostly in a state of loss. As of July 28, the profit was -68.75 yuan/ton, and the average profit was -63.821 yuan/ton. The raw material acetic acid was stable and weak, and the support was insufficient. Low, the market supply is general, and Shandong Jinyimeng has an overhaul plan, the supply side has a positive trend, but the overall market demand is not good, it is expected that the short-term market may be weak and wait and see, and it is still necessary to follow up the price trend of raw materials.



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