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Ethyl acetate: the market atmosphere is poor, or will continue to be weak

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Ethyl acetate continued to weaken due to poor downstream demand. The 400000 T / a unit of Shandong Yankuang, the supply side, was started up, and the bidding price continued to decline. Although the shutdown of some acetic acid units made the center of gravity of acetic acid higher, it was difficult to show the positive cost side.

In June, the overall market demand was light, and the trading atmosphere of ethyl acetate was general. Until the last auction of the main factory in Shandong, the market trading atmosphere improved slightly, but there was no significant fluctuation in the South China market. The parking of a factory in East China in the middle of the month did not have a significant positive boost. Due to the long shutdown time of Shandong Yankuang plant, the supply in North China decreased, and the manufacturer's transaction was ok, but the rest of the region was relatively light.

Last week, due to the unexpected shutdown of some acetic acid plants, the price of acetic acid continued to rise, but the price of ethyl acetate did not follow the trend of raw materials. With the support of costs, the trend of ethyl acetate remained stable. On the 27th of this week, the second unit of Shandong Yankuang was restarted, the ethyl acetate resources in the field increased, and the bidding price continued to decline, which had a certain constraint on the surrounding market. The manufacturer's offer continued to decline, superimposed on the poor overall demand in the downstream, the procurement multidimensional held firm demand, the focus of market negotiations continued to decline, and the overall atmosphere of the market was slightly light.

Although the inventory level of acetic acid factory is not high, the supply is increasing, and after centralized replenishment in the early stage, users' purchasing interest is low, and the trend of acetic acid in the later stage is weak. The downstream demand side has entered the traditional off-season of the ester industry. The overall demand is weak, and the purchasing multidimensional holds firm demand, and the market is not significantly good for the time being. To sum up, it is expected that the short-term ethyl acetate Market may continue to be weak.

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