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Ethyl acetate: Ethyl Acetate market forecast in the morning

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Yesterday, the domestic ethyl acetate market stability fell, the overall situation of the market transaction general. Recently as the market transaction price down, downstream to buy up do not buy down the state of mind under the role of inquiry into the market flat, the terminal market more than just the main need to purchase. At present, the raw material acetic acid and ethanol price trend is stable in the weak, the short - term ethyl acetate market is expected to stabilize.

For a small amount of yulan ylang osmanthus scent of fruit of rabbit ear brews and toilet water is used for head incense to dispatch fresh fruit essence, especially used in perfume essence, has a mellow effect is suitable for the cherry peach apricot grapes strawberries raspberries banana pear pineapple lemon melon flavor liquor flavor such as brandy whisky rum rice wine liquor also

The MOS level of ethyl acetate as cleaning and degreasing agent is mainly used for lSI in discrete devices, while THE BV level is mainly used for VLSI production

The permitted use of edible spices is mainly used as a pellet or tablet for making spices, as a solvent for pigment diluents for gluten-based vinyl acetate, as a flavoring for decaffeinated coffee and fruits and vegetables.

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