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Dibutyl phthalate is an important plasticizer

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Dibutyl phthalate is a plasticizer with strong solubility in many resins. Mainly used for polyvinyl chloride processing, which can give good softness to the products. Because of its relative low price and good processing, it is widely used in China, almost equal to DOP. However, the volatile and water extraction is large, so the durability of products is poor, and its use should be gradually limited. It can also be used to manufacture paints, adhesives, artificial leather, printing inks, safety glass, celluloid, dyes, pesticides, spice solvents, fabric lubricants and so on.

Chemical Name

Dibutyl phthalate



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Operation precautions: 

closed operation, strengthen ventilation. Operators must be specially trained and strictly abide by the operating procedures. It is recommended that the operator wear a self-priming filter gas mask (half mask), chemical safety glasses, protective clothing and rubber oil-resistant gloves. Keep away from fire and heat source. No smoking in workplace. Use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment. Prevent steam leakage into the workplace air. Avoid contact with oxidants and acids. Handling should be carried lightly to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may contain hazardous materials.

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